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The Dan Lynch Company Inc.

Building Trust with Quality Work

The Dan Lynch Company Inc.

Building Trust with Quality Work

We have you covered


We have you covered


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Since 2005 The Dan Lynch Company, Inc. has been a waterproofing leader in Construction Services in the East Bay. 

Living and raising a family, in the East Bay, 40+ years of living in the East Bay and 15+ years of  Waterproofing and Water Management, we know what's right for your home and how to make it right for your family.  In 2017, we expanded and became a Dealer/ Installer for Marvin and Integrity Doors and Windows.  We have redone our main office at the Colusa Circle in Kensington,CA and have all types of Windows & Doors for you and your family to come check out, specializing in Marvin Windows and Doors, we can specialize your replacement windows and doors with any brand name out there.

From small leaks to home remodels, we are hear for you and your family.  WE HAVE YOU COVERED.

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Working Together


We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, on-site organization, and solid quality profesionalism every time. 

Why Choose Us?


We have worked with homeowners and designers to produce exactly what you are looking for. 

We are a family run and operated local business.  We take care of our employees as family, we are not a commission based sales team.

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2019 TAX SEASON SALE     (Ends April 30 2019)

$ 35.00 OFF - EACH WINDOW*  


(*with the purchase of 4 or more) 


"Are your inspections free?" - Client

"Yes, most of our in- home inspections are free.

Some of our inspections will have a minimum charge, depending on whats needed and the time we will need onsite ( opening up drywall...) , this amount will be credited to the  the Installation/Repair work, when the work starts." - Dan Lynch

" Can I buy windows at your location and install myself?" - Client

" We are teamed up with the people at Marvin/ Integrity as a Dealer/ Installer.  That means that we install all the windows and doors we order from them.  This allows us to keep the costs on your replacement windows down and pass them on to the Homeowner.  We follow all the specifications from all of our dealers.  All of our installers take classes with Marvin windows. This allows the Homeowner to have the full manufacturers warranty.  Ask about OUR INSTALL WARRANTIES!!" - Dan Lynch


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