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In January of 2011, we had serious water leaks where decks were attached to the exterior walls of our house. This caused much interior damage and also put our tenants and their young babies at risk. Dan Lynch and his staff were amazing! They were attentive, thorough and took the necessary steps to repair and waterproof our hillside home. His care included being sensitive to the noise and needs of our tenant, especially when they brought home their brand new baby from the hospital.

Recently, Dan has returned to our house to resolve one last leak issue. It was small, difficult to find and presented a great challenge. He and his crew were tenacious, found how and where it was leaking, carefully tested their proposed solution to ensure its effectiveness and then resolved the issue. We are most thankful for his expertise, great service, and the quality of workmanship.

As a school superintendent, my district worked with many contractors as we renovated older buildings and built a new elementary campus. In all this work on schools, I have never worked with anyone as conscientious, thorough, and attentive to detail as Dan Lynch. I highly recommend his services, as his work is superb. He is very caring and takes pride in doing good work.

We owe him many thanks and our gratitude.

—Jon Frank
Retired Superintendent of Schools, Lafayette School District





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