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Best whole home, business waterproofing company. 30 years of successfully handling all cases. Oakland. Berkeley. El Cerrito, Albany. Moraga. Orinda. Alameda County.

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Waterproofing your residential home or commercial business building—especially with the El Nino rain conditions we’re experiencing—is a very vital undertaking for home maintenance, and, of course, goes to the value of your property. As the leading local waterproofing services contractor in your area, we have the experience, knowledge and very good resources to do all your waterproofing needs the way they should be done. This includes full house or building work. Our menu of services also includes expert inspection and building analysis to locate any leaks. We also do  expert level basement waterproofing. We also cover storm water control from the roof down to the basement level. And we are long time pros in ground water control services. In sum, we offer the best available whole building waterproofing—whether it be a house or apartment building. We bring to our clients insightful advice and feedback towards the highest quality and longest lasting work—including the sealants, coatings and membranes to use. And our clients testify to how we are the best, most professional company and team they’ve ever worked with locally.

Please keep in mind that it's more than rain that causes decay. It's also moisture. Many East Bay homes are plagued by basement moisture. Please call us for a very useful and important discussion on basement waterproofing.

As well, we do expert level foundation repair, that is affordable and budget conscious. Call us today if you’re having foundation problems. These need to be addressed quickly and done so well it doesn’t have to be done again. That’s our approach.

Our commitment to our customers is total, with the utmost professionalism brought to the work, and excellent communication with our clients during the process. Our prices are affordable and competitive. In Oakland. For Berkeley. Albany. El Cerrito. Moraga. Orinda. Alameda County. CA. California.

  Storm water control roof to sump pump
  Ground water control French Drain System to crawl space
vapor barrier.
  Leak detection—99% success rate in sourcing and
preventing further intrusion.
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Call us today to talk with a pro consultant. We are the proven, professional contractor services experts in waterproofing homes or commercial business buildings. Ground water control services. Highest quality foundation repair.

Providing the highest quality waterproofing services since 2005.
370 Colusa Avenue. Kensington, CA  94707



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