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Leak Detection Construction

Leading leak detection specialists and repair work team. With 30 years expertise in every leak situation. East Bay services. Oakland. Berkeley. El Cerrito, Albany. Moraga. Orinda. Alameda County.

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Call us right away if you’ve discovered minor to major water leaks in your home or business. We deal with significant hidden or very obvious leaks that need source detection and a follow up of contractor construction services or solutions. You need a leak detection services (with the best technology) company that has deep experience in a full range of situations and conditions. We have that—with our 30 years of work experience. Call us and let us know your situation. We’ll advise you and develop an affordable solution.

We’ve dealt with all the conditions that may arise for residential houses or apartment buildings (or other commercial buildings). Our very good technology is non-invasive and non-destructive so you don’t have to worry about detection damage. The exception to this would be a situation that demands a surgical “destructive” analysis. Our methodology is to quickly find the leak, recommend the repairs, and keep the prices as affordable as possible. For the best quality and prices detection and repair construction, please come to our team. You’ll be glad you did.

In Oakland. For Berkeley. El Cerrito. Moraga. Albany. Orinda. Alameda County. CA. California.

  Using the latest non-destructive technologies to detect
waterproofing failures
  When necessary deferring to surgical "destructive"
analysis determining cost efficient methods of repair
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Our construction team offers you the most expert and experienced leak detection services, technologies and repair strategy and workmanship. We do all aspects of detection and remedy.

Providing the highest quality leak detection services since 2005.
370 Colusa Avenue. Kensington, CA 94707



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