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The Dan Lynch Company is dedicated to serving our clients in the greater East Bay area with the utmost skill and up-to-date technologies and methods. Our philosophy of excellent customer service and relations is a prominent aspect of our daily striving to excel. We also work hard to come in with the best, fair pricing.

Our expertise and experience in the construction, repair and maintenance of residential dwellings—private and commercial—is unmatched by other companies, and we have a long list of very satisfied clients.

We are committed to our participation (working with your job) in the principle of Healthy Homes.

  • Foundation waterproofing and moisture control, crawl space vapor retarders. About 50% of the air that circulates in the home enters through the basement or crawl space.
  • Storm water management. Seeing that the gutters and downspouts direct the water away from the foundation. Ground water can be managed with a French drain system.
  • Energy efficient, high performing windows and doors.
  • Proper humidification and whole house mechanical ventilation. Bathrooms should have an exhaust fan that operated for 20 minutes after a shower to remove excessive humidity.

Further, here in the Bay Area residential buildings are more susceptible to mold or forms of rot and other slow damaging forces due to the fog moisture conditions.

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