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For over ten years as a contractor company, we’ve been providing the best advice, prices and professional services for keeping your home or business perfectly weather tight, looking great, and adding aesthetic and functional outdoor decks or driveway bridges, balconies, or making over existing rooms. We approach each job—small or large—with the same philosophy and spirit of doing it right and doing it well, and always striving to give you an affordable price. We are so good and reliable that we’re called in to do delicate and demanding architectural or historical work.

The Dan Lynch Company’s depth of knowledge includes the ability to reengineer existing situations, at times salvaging existing windows or doors and refitting them with time proven metal flashings. This meets the clients needs and remains sensitive to the architectural details.

If you’re discovering dry rot or wet rot or other damaging conditions, call us for our repair services: rapid, affordable and very experienced experts.

For the highest quality contractor services, including historical or demanding architecture, call us today. Oakland. Berkeley. El Cerrito. Albany. Moraga. Orinda. Alameda County.


We are the best general contractor for specialized needs in making your home or commercial building weather proof, or for additions that add enjoyment and value and functionality to your home. Also, extensive repairs required in cases of rot and other environmental conditions.

Providing the highest quality consulting and expert services since 2005.
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